I feel Happier When – (Walking Around Blueberry Bushes)

Last weekend we have had a nice experience. We had been to a blueberry orchard for the first time of our life; in fact we got encouraged to go there by one of our  friend, who is a veteran in this amateur fruit picking thing. That orchard is some 30 minutes drive from the city…there one can pick as much as one wants and then, the owner or her charge weights that and sells the same at a flat rate of $15 – the charm of going to various bushes ourselves which are laden with ripe fruits, collecting them, having pics, listening various small talks across various bushes…observing many pickers…a great time we had…


That orchard area was all covered from open air by a 5 meter high net, thus preventing any bird or other insects to enter…similar nets were all around…I remembered we have had seen such nets about two years ago at Motueka, a place near Nelson which is so famous for its orchards…we watched them but never entered inside any as such…so it was as if I have entered into a part of a previously unseen world…I heard one Mom was all the while pushing a stroller and talking to her 2 year old while picking berries…a sweet voice `Mam..maa’  was coming which was quickly followed by her reply in the same tune `han…han’…it was going on and on…at times I found it quite amusing though…so many families have arrived…one Mom told me while picking `I prefer to come here often – just to give my son an idea where from fruits come…he had a funny feeling that fruits come from supermarkets’ (in a way it is true but only partially)…


I was amazed to find even little children had come with their colourful buckets to pick up cherries…one bully type brother (hardly an eight year old boy) had devised some short cuts….he was shaking bushes hard and then collecting the good bigger and most dark coloured ones himself while keeping the less enticing ones for his little sis…at one point of time she came to me and gave a big sigh watching I have collected a good heap…I found one group came with their tiny Chihuahua in tow…as the latter was not to be allowed inside the picking zone, he was kept leashed at one shaded side…under the watchful eye of the lady owner of the orchard…he at times was getting worried and looking at the entrance door and his forehead was getting wrinkled, as if he was thinking – `when my family will return, yeah?’ It was such a joy to watch one of our own Benson’s `relations’ outside our home…We picked about 2 kg in total and carried proudly them back home.


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