What Amazes Me About New Zealand (A Series)

What Amazes me in New Zealand:

1. Akaroa and its surroundings:-

…surrounding hills and valleys with various shades of green – light, dark, brownish in the bushes and valleys, farmlands with sparkle of aqua-marine from the vast sea behind…so many times I have been to this place…yet I do love watching those various shades of colours of Mother Nature’s own hand spun fabric of marvellous colours…

2. Timaru Botanical Garden & its surroundings

I love that long drive, sea coast, walk around the Botanical Garden. I was awed finding a much knotted Elm tree and standing under it; it was as if I was watching big pythons entwined around otherwise harmless old tree. Never had watched such peculiar sort of branch coiling before. The pond had lotus like pink coloured flowers and broad leaves, reminding me of my childhood days when at times I used to visit Eden Garden in company of my Parents and two other siblings, I tried once to pick up one lotus flower from water and got restrained by my elder brother. He thought I might either fall in water or topple the boat’s balance. Worth going many more times

3. Lake Brunner, West Coast

I had spent more than a week in a nearby cottage some years ago; the first word comes to my mind thinking about West Coast in general and Lake Brunner in particular, is GREEN. Such beauty of lush green natural bush and forest is something unique even in this beautiful country

4. Lake Hawea, Wanaka
5. Motueka
6. Lake Tekapo